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Paraws (or double outrigger sail boats native to the Visayas region of the Philippines) at the Odiongan Bay Walk Photo from:

The Banca boat is a double-outrigger canoe in the Philippines. It is traditionally used by the fishermen, and lately, the scuba diving centers use the boat as their main transport for scuba diving....

Chicks Wakeboarding.... I think my goal for the future is to figure out how I could incorporate this into my life more.. Those days on the water with the bestie were some of the most freest, passionate times I've had since I played soccer. Love it, miss it!

This engraving depicts the Philippine "karakoa" war canoe which was also known in ancient times as "lawig" which means, "voyage" or "fishhook." The karakoa was a giant double outrigger that could carry over 100 individuals. Lawig is the root word for "lumawig" or "Lumauig," the Philippine name for Maui. the engraving was made by C. Nicolas in 1601. Read more in my book, "The Forgotten Children of Maui" available through