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The Tales and Exploits of Just Another Girl.

In the most unlikely of places-you just never know when you will find it. ..where oh where are you

a favorite word - love this definition too: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident

you said i was your serendipity but i guess i wasnt because if i was you would of never let go!!

Serendipity Dictionary Definition Wall Art

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seren(dip)ity one of my favourite words!

Coincidences, synchronicities and serendipities are all signs from the #universe that you are on your true path. wow, I must be meant to be a policeman then. bc they show up at every street corner withme, greet me at bus stops, open doors for me at libraries. or maybe its just dozens of informants texting them :-)

I have this alot. I always have these moments where i find something worth living for even when i didn't bother looking