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Don't let the country disarm you! The USA has hit rock bottom and has come to plan Z; take away our guns.wanna know what happened last time a country was disarmed? Yes, the holocaust.

We don't blame cars for drunk divers, why do we blame guns for violent criminals?

When you are convicted with a DUI or considered as high-risk driver, this is mandatory to file in Florida. Learn how to file this certificate.

Isn't this the truth.  Talk about a WAR ON WOMEN.  This man is one of America's WORST.....and Democratic women RESPECT HIM??????   duhhh

During the Democratic National Convention Clinton was referred to as "the life of the party". Clinton is a proven sexual harasser and deceiver. The Democratic party has sunk to an all time low.

Conservative Politics

Missouri lawmakers fail to revive bill preventing federal gun law enforcement - Yahoo News

Military Humor - Community - Google+

The real fear of married gun owners. Shouldn't tell fibs.


A Gun in the hands of a bad man is a very dangerous thing. A gun in the hands of a good person is no danger to anyone except the bad guys - Charlton Heston

Gun control = People control It places law-abiding citizens in danger from criminals in the public and government sectors.

Obama Should See this Gun Control Poster

Amendment On his inauguration, President Obama will be protected by the Secret Service, soldiers & police officers. They have armor & automatic weapons. No one is assigned to protect my family.

WWII - These men were already in the war before D-Day Commenced - Pearl Harbor survivors, from left, Bill Edwards, Ray Perlingiero and Durward Swanson stand during a moment of silence at a memorial service Monday at the Tennessee Veterans Cemetery.

anniversary of Pearl Harbor: Veterans pay tribute to those who helped preserve freedom

Ann Romney

As president, Governor Romney is going to make every effort to safeguard the environment

They look like they were on the same drugs! Look at the eyes. I have never seen that before! We're they all on the same drugs?

They look like they were on the same drugs! We're they all on the same drugs?