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Jyothisharatnam - February 16-28, 2014 : India's No.1 astrological magazine this issue contains.. Sivarathri Vrutham.. Vazhipadu nerchakal.. falangal.. pilgrim reports.. interview with the famous astrologers.. and much more with excellent pictures

Jyothisharatnam - February 1-15 2014 : India's No.1 Astrological magazine.. this issue contains reports on Attukal, Chottanikara temples.. interview with famous astrologers and pligrim reports...

Balajothidam - January 31, 2014 : Balajothidam பாலஜோதிடம் is the largest circulated astrological magazine and is a weekly periodical. Now, people are interested in knowing their past and they want their future to be predicted. Balajothidam is a good astrological magazine covering articles of famous astrologers and palm experts. Every person follows Balajothidam’s articles with faith and trust; thus credibility goes into to th... More

Astrology Your Daily Horoscope Get Daily Horoscope Details - Billions of people come across their Daily Horoscope in the newspaper, magazines and on the internet. Most just flip past it but it has many million followers who religious read their forecast every day. Some read every single sign’s forecast daily. Many people say that the daily forecast is a sham and that you cannot predict how a huge number... Read More:

Jyothisharatnam - January 16 - 31 2014 : Malayalees favorite astrological magazine.. this issue contains reports on Vasthu, Griha nila.. interview with the aminent astrologers and pilgrim reports... with amzing pictures...

Jyothisharatnam - March 1-15, 2014 : India's No.1 astrological magazine.. this issue contains Alavu pizhacha Vasthu, Vidhya Vijyathinu, sanidhasha kadinyam kurayan.. and pilgrim reports.. exclusive interview with the popular astrologers.. etc..

Coming Challenges to Religious Liberty: What’s on the Horizon? by Maurine Jensen Proctor | Meridian Magazine - | What are the most dire threats to religious freedom right now? What are some areas we worry about that won't happen in the near future?

Dramatic Shift Towards Gays Proposed At Vatican

Dalai Lama The February/March, 1994 issue of OUT magazine, which quoted the Dalai Lama as saying: "If someone comes to me and asks whether it is okay or not, I will first ask if you have some religious vows to uphold. Then my next question is, What is your companion's opinion? If you both agree, then I think I would say, if two males or two females voluntarily agree to have mutual satisfaction without further implication of harming others, then it is okay."

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