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Add this textured Tan Feather Flower to centerpiece, bouquets, costumes, hats and more. Made with goose feathers, this peony-shaped blossom .

Feather Flower Tulip Pink 21in (Set of 4)

Feather flower tulip in pink

Feather flowers find Feather Picks and Feather Stems for your Floral, Fashion & Millinery Designs.

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Make mesmerizing fabric flowers, paper flowers, feather flowers and ribbon bows with these premium patterns and tutorials plus DIY craft supplies

Bleached Peacock Feathers 35-40in (100 feathers)

Bleached Peacock Feathers 35-40in 100 feathers

Bring a golden touch to your luxurious décor with these iridescent plumes. The Bleached Peacock Feathers exude majesty, and will bring a de.