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Elderberry Medicine: To make a cold infusion of elderflower all you need to do is place a few heads of the flowers into a jug of fresh water, leave to infuse for a couple of hours and drink the heavenly yet delicately flavoured water throughout the day.

Elderflower - the late-spring flower of the Elder Tree. Use its perfumed blossoms to make cordial, champagne, desserts, and preserves. Can be found growing wild throughout the UK, Europe, and parts of North America.

In 1992, a team of Israeli scientists studied the effect of elderberry on flu patients. During a flu epidemic, half of their patients were given an elderberry syrup, the other half a placebo. The results: within 3 days 90% of those taking elderberry were completely cured. Among the placebo group, it was a full 6 days before 90% of the patients were cured.

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Black Lace™ - Elderberry - Sambucus nigra

The flowers, foliage, and fruit of Black Lace™ elderberry bring drama to the garden all season long.