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from 3rd Grade Thoughts

Brain Breaks & YouTube: Watch & Wiggle Links + FREEBIE

Brain Breaks are a way to respect the whole child in some students, especially those who need some breaks in the day in order to stay on task and focused the rest of the time. This also creates a classroom environment of creativity and collaboration because the kids can work together and think outside the box for some of the activities on the popsicle sticks.

Brain Break Freebie...Research has shown that kids need to move in order to keep focusing and learning. However, in my opinion, moving should not be the only goal... A Brain Break is a great opportunity for students work on coordination, flexibility, and spatial awareness, all while having fun. In addition, a good Brain Break may also offer opportunities for problem solving, cooperation, teamwork,...

from Minds in Bloom

20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks

Kids NEED brain breaks. They need time to think and process but also need time for fun and relaxation. This pin involves activities that allow the students to move around and be active instead of sitting down the whole entire class.

*** LOVE THIS IDEA~ I will use it to put the students favorite MOVEMENT activities~ 1 can for k-1, one for 2-3 and one for 4-5*** Use in the music classroom. Put different movement vocabulary, locomotor and non-locomotor.

Brain Break Sticks: I don't teach but I can see this being good for me during work. Sometimes you just need a break from the computer screen. Might as well get in some type of workout in.

I teach reading at an elementary school. I love what I do! I wanted to share some "ways to praise" that we use in my classroom. These ...