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If you insult Nico, I will hurt you<<NO ONE HURTS NICO<<<DONT TOUCH OUR NICO <<<YOU TOUCH HIM, YOU DIE. PAINFULLY<<I'll get the chainsaws and blowtorches<<<<< I'll grab my sword>>>NOBODY HURTS MY BABY<<<NO ONE HURTS MY WITTLE NEEKS!!!

from 3rd Grade Thoughts

Brain Breaks & YouTube: Watch & Wiggle Links + FREEBIE

Brain Breaks are a way to respect the whole child in some students, especially those who need some breaks in the day in order to stay on task and focused the rest of the time. This also creates a classroom environment of creativity and collaboration because the kids can work together and think outside the box for some of the activities on the popsicle sticks.

from Naldz Graphics

Symbolic Minimalist Illustrations Of The Twelve Olympians

The trident is a major symbol and weapon of Poseidon. It is a three-pronged spear usually used for fishing but in Poseidon's case creates earthquakes and breaks objects. He was the second, behind his brother Zeus, in power out of all of the gods.

I suppose in the end you didn't fail them. But in your last few years, you did. Majorly. Luke Castellan, Thalia Grace, and Annabeth Chase