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Mariah Carey and Australian business man James Packer announced their engagement last year. A few months ago, the duo announced...

Elephant tears: Newborn weeps after being parted from mother who tried to kill him

Humane Society employee that allows daughter to mistreat her puppy must be fired! Sign Now!

Fire Humane Society employee that allows daughter to abuse pet dog!

Owners chain dog outside, forget about him during intense fl... - Care2 News Network

View the latest petition signatures for Owners chain dog outside, forget about him during intense flooding and freezing weather! Demand a national anti-tethering law!

They Heard Moaning In A Sewage Tank And Knew They Had To Help

When people in India heard strange noises coming from a sewage tank, they knew something was wrong. They immediately contacted Animal Aid Unlimited, which is a rescue organization in India.

80-year-old man drags dog behind motorcycle! We want animal police patrols in Megara, Greece! | YouSignAnimals.org

Helpless cat hung in public for eating a pigeon! Demand Animal Rights in China!

The photos of a group of lowlifes placing an endangered jaguar in their boat have been uploaded on Facebook by one of those inv...

Lowlife hunts ENDANGERED jaguar for fun, takes “trophy” photos afterwards! Punish him now!

Mrs. Hundley - my friends Victoria and Lisa's grandma had this picture up on her bathroom wall... Idk why but whenever I see this picture it just brings a flood of memories back for me, I loved that house and that family

Friendship is one of the most precious gift of life. A person who has true friends in life is lucky enough. Friendship makes life thrilli.

Baby Elephant- black and white photography

Baby elephant Baby owl Cute and Cuddly Baby Animals the cutest thing ever.


Deputies said a Spartanburg man and his ex-wife are accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl, whom they said the man continued to abuse along with another girl and a dog.

Brand new baby, protected by mom and allomothers (aunts, sisters, grandmothers, etc.),

Look how small the baby is.' and how the others of the herd nutures her. We could learn a thing or three from these lovely creatures that we are in the process of exterminating.

A video showing a group of teens strapping a pig to a paraglide and launching the animal into the sky has been published on YouTu...

Idiots force pig to go paragliding before dropping the helpless animal out of the sky for fun!

baby elephant having fun...so adorable and fuzzy...

Baby elephant in the water for the first time in his life Fascinating Pictures (

Petition · Act on the neglect and abuse by pressing charges against the family! · Change.org

Uniontown Barracks, State Police Dept, & Fayette SPCA, Fayette County: Act on the neglect and abuse by pressing charges against the family!

wonderful !!

Elephants (Destiny) Art Poster Print Poster — Don't you think this would look great in my "office"?

Baby elephant drinking from water hole with its mouth; at that age they cannot drink with their trunks yet

From: I fucking love science Elephants don’t drink through their trunks, but they do use them to suck up water and bring it to their mouths. A fully grown elephant can hold an estimated 10 liters of water in their trunks to make drinking easier.