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Sentence Builders- A pocket chart center with color coded cards to help kids build complete sentences. Themed for the whole year!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Back to School I Spy

Using basic sentence structures to help students complete sentences.

from MPM School Supplies

Stretch A Sentence Chart Gr 1-3

writing sentences

Create sentences on different color paper. The student puts the sentences in the correct order, then records the sentence & colors the circle beside the sentence to show which sentence he created. FREE printable for "Mixed Up Sentences"

from Bloglovin’

Sentence Surgery: Naming & Telling Parts FREEBIE! (First Grade Fairytales)

Sentence Surgery: Naming

If you remember the FOKES Sentence Builder you will LOVE this activity! If not, you will STILL love it!

Sentence Buddy Freebie-teaches the four parts of a complete sentence: capital, punctuation, noun, and verb

Great workstation idea: Silly Sentences- follow the color code to put the words in order to find out what the "silly sentence" is.

Mixed Up Sentences---Write a sentence on different colored construction paper, laminate and cut into individual word pieces. Students put the sentence into the correct order and write it on the recording sheet---I love this activity from "the school supply addict"

from Sea of Knowledge

Asking VS. Telling Sentences

Asking & telling sentences. Freebie Sentence monkeys: students use pegs to indicate what the ending punctuation is for telling, asking, exclaiming and commanding sentences.