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This Benedict Cumberbatch gif is everything

This Benedict Cumberbatch gif is everything

BabyCrinkleBatch! - Imgur

the grumpy face of adorableness in motion! --- Cute gif ♥ I love the face he…

me when I have to partake in social situations.

I love what you're doing with your face. Never change you sweet soul.BWAHAHAHAHA lol gotta love the funny face making dorkybatch xD if I ever meet him, this is the picture I want him to sign.

(gif) his HAAAAIIRRR..... Es-cuse you- Dem LIPS! <<< DAT FACE!!! Guys... look at his eyes....

Benedict Cumberbatch Interview - Sherlock Series 3 & Star Trek Into Darkness . Also, a bit of Cumberlisp.

Benedict Cumberbatch (I seriously can't even think of a caption for this one... stares into your soul? does that work? haha)

I love the mysteriously sexy hand of a woman with a make up brush here Idk and his smile ;

Benedict is me when i meet people who haven't seen Sherlock

clara 👩🏻‍🔬 on

BAFTA-LA (November ~ At "Behind Closed Doors with Benedict Cumberbatch" interview event

Benedict Cumberbatch epitomizes old school Hollywood in this photo.

This has to be my favorite picture oh him. Those puppy eyes are saying oh darling give me a kiss. XD>>> no you stupid shit they are saying "oh darling your stupidity amuses me"