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Looking Ahead: 2012 Food Politics

Interview with Marion Nestle, professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University. She is the author of Food Politics, Safe Food, What to Eat, and Pet Food Politics.

They are architects of the 2012 Farm Bill. Look it up, read about it, be informed, and then get angry.

“Don’t eat any food that comes with a health claim,” says Michael Pollan, a journalism professor at the University of California at Berkeley. “It sounds counter-intuitive, but if you’re worried about your health, that is not the healthy food. The healthy food is in the produce section. It’s sitting there very quietly, without budgets for marketing, without packages to print health claims on. "

Choose Safe Pet Food

How to Choose Safe Pet Food. There's a lot to consider when choosing a pet food. This article will help you to know what to look for. Find the list of ingredients on the bag. The first 5 to 10 will play a significant role in the...

5 Depressing Stories About Food in the News This Past Week | Alternet 1. GM Foods May Cause Tumor Growth, Premature Death 2. Arsenic in Your Rice 3. Popcorn Can Cause Respiratory Problems 4. Mercury in School Lunches 5. Atlantic Ocean Fish on Decline

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