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from the Guardian

Picasso in Paris: raw works of genius from the artist as a young man

I've always loved this painting- the innocence/peacefulness. Child with a Dove, Pablo Picasso. Guadalupe Ferrer via Joanne Eather

"(Diego) Ordaz' s next exploit was to climb the volcano Popocatépetl and he was able from that height to observe and, later, describe the beautiful site of Mexico/Tenochtitlan on its lake. It was the first mountain ascended in the Americas. The Spaniards, therefore, knew which route to take to the Mexican capital. Understandably, ordaz took a volcano as his coat of arms. He lost a finger in the fighting 'on the bridges' in 1520."--- Hugh Thomas : THE AGE OF GOLD.Book I Luke 12:31

from Patternbank

A Montage of Photographic Florals - Ben Giles, Ashkan Honarvar & Valeria Alevra

A Montage of Photographic Florals Ben Giles, Ashkan Honarvar & Valeria Alevra inspiration

Picasso, Dove (1949) || I typically can't stand Picasso, to be honest, but this series is really lovely in its simplicity. While it may be difficult to arrive at peace, peace itself is not a complex feeling. It doesn't need much detail to evoke it.

from Kids Craft Room

Rangoli Inspired Sand Art

I hope this post will get you itching to try some sand art with your children. This has got to be my all time favourite activity so far! Rangoli inspired sand art was such a great avenue to explore transitory and collaborative art and for the children to experiment and develop confidence in their own artistic abilities. Take a peek...I think you'll love, love, love!