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And proud of it! My sailor bought me a shirt with this saying on it. Love it :)

This design features a blue faded anchor coupled with some eroded military stenciled font. It reads: "True Love Survives Any Amount of Distance and Time." It's perfect for any Sailor's girl!

This is very "Navy wife" of me to post, but just this once I'll play the role. I can't say that I agree that you haven't known real love until you've loved a military man, but I CAN say that you'll never find a stronger love than that of two people who choose to live a life of Sacrifice (with a capital S) military style.

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i love this photo..

The Pulitzers of War

Sailor and Nurse, Time Square! One of my favorite famous pictures!

'I am so sorry your husband had to go away for a night. That must be so hard.' Said no military wife ever.

I think about this when there are all those girls posting how their boyfriend is going to be gone for a couple days.try a couple months!

The Silent Ranks

The Silent Ranks Poem Tote Bag

The Silent Ranks Poem. Perfect for the Army Wife, Navy Wife, Air Force Wife or Marine Wife. It's patriotic to show your love for a military man.

It seems hard right now but when you remind me that we are in this together I know we can do anything

Military Confession It always makes it easier when he reminds me that we’re in this together.