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Just a Car Guy: A long time ago, gas stations were owned by people, not companies, not corporations, and you could choose the gasoline that appealed to you from several pump options

Gilmore gas station

Gilmore gas station

Before Self-serve. I can remember how independent I felt the first time I pumped my own gas.

I loved all the attention one would get just to buy 2 gallons of gas! Windows washed, oil checked plus have your gas pumped! All for a dollar!

gulf station 1920 black and white photos - Google Search

gulf station 1920 black and white photos - Google Search

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Gilmore Oil's Gas-a-teria in L. You could save 5 cents a gallon by pumping it yourself. Opened in the

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1925 gas station

Gas Stations - Minute Service Station photo circa when it was a Service Station and not just a Gas Station!

Old gas station

Phillips 66 Gas Station (Larry and I own this sweet little property at Red Oak II)