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December 6th. Peppa pig elf baked some fab teeny tiny cookies and left some dough and cutters for us to make our own :)

December 5th. Elf and Peppa decided to have some Frozen fun and made some fab pom pom snow balls so we could have a snowball fight :D

December 3rd. Mischievous Loki Elf decided to capture Sarah, Peppa and Minion and tape them to the door!

December 4th. Teenage mutant ninja elf visited the north pole and came back with a cute little Christmas tree decorated with bead baubles

December 2nd. This Elf definitely likes to dress up ;) He brought a paperchain kit for the boys and it was just so heavy he needed a super strong costume to help lift the chains :D

Better photo of loki elf :)

December 1st. Percy Elf arrived this morning dressed as spiderman with advent calendars galore :D

Before our Elf arrived, so Father Christmas would know how much we LOVE elves, we made this lovely welcome wreath to hang up

teeny tiny cookies (cookie cutters brought from seeded on etsy)

December 8th. Tonight I made Jaspers villager costume for his school play. Percy liked it so much he made himself a matching one and jumped into his book bag so he could go to school to

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