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Hundreds of local business people gathered inside The Founders Inn and Spa to listen to a panel discussion – and ask questions – about a possible three-mile expansion of light

Plenty of people have been looking into installing solar panels in an effort to combat rising energy costs.When most of these people see the...

Faithful in Prayer - 4 Tips for More Effective Prayer ~ Have you ever had someone thank you for praying for something when you aren't sure you really did? Have you ever stressed the importance of prayer to a new believer but skipped prayer the next couple of days because you were "too busy"? [...]

#BusinessTips "9 Lessons Learned At SXSW" http://www.forbes.com/sites/lawtonursrey/2014/03/21/9-notes-to-myself-what-i-learned-at-sxsw/

Cenk asks his Power Panel — Karl Frisch and Linda J. Killian — whether attacks on Mitt Romney’s business record will appeal to independent voters, who make up about 40 percent of the electorate. Killian says, “Independent voters say they don’t like negative ads, but they work when they take advantage of something that’s already in voters’ minds, and they obviously already have in their mind that Romney isn’t like a real person, and that he doesn’t care about average people.”

Solar Panels As Cheap As Paint? It’s Possible Thanks To Research Most Americans want the U.S. to place more emphasis on developing solar power, recent polls suggest. A major impediment, however, is the cost to manufacture, install and maintain solar panels. Simply put, most people and businesses cannot afford to place them on their rooftops.

Managing People Laminated Reference Guide We understand that proper managing of employees within a company results in a happier, more productive work environment—that’s why our newest 3-panel guide wi

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