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Well looks like the Harry Potter wait is over now!!! And there's still more! (Funny! I'm watching prisoner of Azkaban and Sirius just said that!)

teenager post inappropriate quotes that are funny - Google Search It is interesting to me that I have several senior girls who still absolutely love the Harry Potter series. I imagine that this is because they read the books when they were young and the franchise has only just finished releasing the movies which has kept their loyalty. Reduced Stress Turbo Charge Read all your self-development books.

Funny 2016 Election Memes: Trump and the Hunger Games

Actually if you read the books you'd know that they're all too heavy to climb the tree's delicate branches while Katniss is very light and can scale it as easily as a squirrel. So no, not a fail, just too heavyweight.

I'm so Katniss, nothing comes between me and my food

Oh why Percy Jackson, Divergent trilogy, Sherlock, Doctor Who...... And every other book I have read or show I have watched like why do I still do this to myself.

Gah! Donothaveanemotionalbreakdown. Donothaveanemotionalbreakdown... *sob*

Love the Hunger Games cast! :) lol I can't stop laughing!!!!!! I wonder who he pictured as peeta


20 Hilarious Jokes That Only True Hunger Games Fans Will Understand

IKR throughout the whole book it be like Katniss Everdeen deh girl on fire but Peeta be like, "ummmm