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Pansies by SamanthaWarden

Pansies by SamanthaWarden

~~Viola, Johnny Jump-Up | tricolored in bright purple, yellow and white, delicately fragrant flowers that are cheerful surprises in the cool months  Happy flowers!!!

one of the happiest, sweetest flowers.a little cousin of the pansy. ~ Known as Johnny Jump-ups in the past for their habit of jumping up here & there in the garden, but never being evasive.

Pansy, Plentifall Frost,

Pansy, Plentifall Frost ~ Burpee's - Morning sun would be great.Pansies don't like to be in a hot, sunny garden.

The Wild pansy (Viola tricolor) is a common wild species in Europe, which grows as an annual or short perennial life. It is a small plant climbing habit, reaching at least 15 cm high with flowers of in diameter. It grows in low grasslands, in acidic

♥  I love to plant these

Pansies and violas can be planted very early in spring, even when there is still frost in the forecast! Pansies and violas can be planted very early in spring, even…


Pansies in a little plain glass bottle. I love these sitting around on side tables in every room.