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DC9 Cowling Chair and Burner Can Table


This chair really caught my eye. Aircraft sheet metal with distressed leather. Looks a bit #DieselPunk found a Restoration Hardware.

from Beautiful Life

Boeing 737 Engine Cowling Chair

737 Cowling Chair. Aircraft Part: Boeing Engine Cowling. This colossal, luxurious chair, spins weightlessly, on its highly polished spun aluminium base. The epic proportions of the high gloss flawlessly finished shell and dark interior upholstered in the high- est quality leather, frame the hand mirror polished cowling opulently. By Fallen Furniture.


Speaking of gorgeous yet ridiculous furniture from Restoration Hardware, check out their Blackhawk series, including this desk!

from Silodrome

Harrier Drop Tank Boardroom Desk



A Spitfire XIV - the spitfire has moved on from the 27 litre Merlin and has shoehorned in the 37 litre Rolls Royce Griffon 65 (2050hp) engine with performance increased to 448 mph at altitude. The noticeable changes are larger radiators, a five blade propeller, bulges around the engine to accommodate the larger Griffon engine and an increased tailplane to counter compensate for the extra power. Firepower remained the 2 x 20mm cannon and 2 x .50 Brownings (E - wing). Many of the later…


Flying Tigers ( the P 40 ) was a workhorse that was very dependable in war conditions ✅


Iron Maiden - Ed Force One I didn't Fly in this Aircraft but I was given a tour of it and I was lucky enough to get a photo of myself seated in the captains chair.


A Repurposed Boeing 737 Engine Cowling Makes a Fantastic… Chair


riveted exterior on a DC-8 - Photo by Philippe Clairo.