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It's just not the same! Seen this too many times at work!

I think it's hilarious when my patients tell me this and I see tattoos. You hate needles? Because with a tattoo you get poked thousands of times, I'm only gonna do it once. LOL the more tattoos, the harder they fall

Nursing by the Numbers

Nursing infographic - some very interesting data -- did you know that nurses were injured more often than construction workers and assaulted more frequently than prison guards -- so much for "peaceful" first responders --

funny pictures

This is my are you freaking serious move.I do this and count to 10 to keep from calling people out.

Nurses appreciation week

Nursing nursing-stuff Heather-- I'm very proud of you for the choices you have made - I love you mom

Haha that actually happened to me the other day

made me laugh much harder than it should have, but I am pretty sure I have made this exact face


I thought this was pretty funny. I have been working night shift for nearly 5 years. I worked evenings during nursing school.