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Signed Photography Giclee Print, Limited Edition, Film, Analog, Square Format, Landscape, Small or Large scale Art, Dublin, Ireland, Phoenix

Im trapped again! Is there really any point to freeing myself? I might escape the branches but I wont ever escape this place...Forest DARK

the guy to sit behind at the theatre. Really clever use of mirrors... very realistic. Love how the focus of the image is see through frame - he is just a silhouette


Tyler stared off at the wall, eyes blurred from the heavy dosage of alcohol, hands sketching a name on the jean of his pants. His palms ached for her, nails vying for her attention, but he continued to sit in his chair, waiting for someone who was gone.


"Dude, this is what I'm talking about!" "Yeah man we can catch some serious air here!" "So, who's first?" "I'll go." "Of course, Aid's always the one to jump the gun first. But don't worry were right behind you, can't let you have all the fun right?"