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elephant bush Succulent    http://www.easybloom.com/plantlibrary/plant/elephant-bush

elephant bush Succulent http://www.easybloom.com/plantlibrary/plant/elephant-bush

Plants if you often forget to water: Hardy houseplants like ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia, the tallest plant in our photo) tolerate neglect. Even with low light and infrequent watering, expect it to grow 3 feet tall and showcase glossy green leaves. More picks: dracaena and cast-iron plant.

5 Hard-to-Kill Indoor Plants

Pick the Right Indoor Plant If every plant that enters your home seems doomed, try these low-fuss options. We chose tough species for 5 common situations. Agave, Begonias, etc.

A basic trellis and a few hanging planters (how pretty are the silver buckets?!) turn a basic exterior wall into an elegant vertical garden and the perfect backdrop for outdoor entertaining!

Vertical Trellises

diy vertical herb garden trellis wall, gardening, Herbs and flowers hang from a trellis With daily watering they did great in the well draining pots plus they provided a beautiful scent and tasty ingredients for our summer cooking

Fiddle leaf fig trees have been the stars of the home decor world for quite a while now.  They are also one of the most finicky plants out there, so beware before taking the plunge and investing in a fig tree.  I learned the hard way as my first fig died a slow, painful death after several mon

Tips for a Thriving Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

this is a gorgeous (and somewhat fickle tree). can be found at J & J garden center in Layton. some greenery like a tree would be wonderful in your living room. Planting a Fiddle Leaf Fig (or any plant, really). Potting an Indoor Plant/Tree.

This plant is all about the hummingbirds. In fact, it's a magnet for them, especially during their fall migration. Glowing orange flowers cover low, cascading plants in autumn and ward off rabbits and deer with potent mint-scented. While hardy to colder zones, 'Sky Island Orange' does best in western gardens where precipitation is less than 30 inches a year. In severe droughts, morning water will prolong flowering. Plant Name: Zauschneria canum var. arizonica 'Sky Island Orange' Growing

Top New Perennials for 2016

'Sky Island Orange' does best in western gardens where precipitation is less than 30 inches a year. In severe droughts, morning water will prolong flowering. Plant Name: Zauschneria canum var.

What a beautiful way to grow herbs. These tea cup planters are cute and functional.

18 Beautiful Ways To Make Your Own Herb Garden. You Don’t Even Need Much Space!

The whole window will have a one foot wide window sill. I will have to show you the place to get a good idea of things. Basil planted in teacups for the kitchen, cheap and pretty teacups planted with fresh herbs on the window sill.

fight allergies by growing indoor plants--I love ferns and even better to enjoy them inside as well.

Air-Purifying Houseplants with Mobee

I love Coleus - they're idiot proof and and the cut stems will sprout roots in water. Collection of Coleus: 'Garnet Robe', 'Dipt in Wine', 'Redhead' (PPAF), 'Sultana' (PPAF), 'Rustic Orange' and 'Wasabi'

Best container gardening guide that I've found. Plus this guy is adorable.

Container vegetable gardening enables you to grow fresh, safe vegetables without a garden - want to see how? Photos, tips and instructions on how and what to grow for container vegetable gardening

an old birdbath makes a perfect new home for shallow-rooted succulents

22 Container Gardens in Bloom

Birdbath as a Planter Try this pretty display that isn’t just for the birds. Plant shallow-rooted succulents in the birdbath with soil. The lack of drainage will keep the soil moist, so you’ll need to water even less frequently than usual.

Love this idea for a section with a similar layout in our backyard.......I'm thinking red geraniums would really pop against the aged metals!

My Whimsical Dresser Planter (featured in Flea Market Gardens Magazine)!

my whimsical dresser planter featured in flea market gardens magazine, gardening, repurposing upcycling, A pleasure to cut herbs from this beauty See more pics and get full details