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Believe in your fucking self. Stay up all fucking night. Trust your fucking gut. Question fucking everything. Think about all the fucking possibilities.

Ultimate List of 45 Man Tips  Words to live by, not just for men

Brett sent this to his dad and told him he had taught him most of these things - made me cry - so proud of our son! Ultimate List of 45 Man Tips Words to live by, not just for men

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06/08/12: Posted this up on Facebook today, and a friend came back and said 'Why not make a bucket list?' I don't know why I never have but it led me to realise that it has been a long time since I have dared to dream. Also, that my inner child has almost disappeared and that we need to reconnect to make this here life happen. So much work to do to come back to life having been a slave to corporate crapola for nearly 2 decades... Here's to dreaming big, keeping it real & making it happen. <3

33 Ways to Stay Creative. This list is going to stick with me for life. I am writing the list out now to pin into my sketchbook

Design Free Thursday | Confessions Of A Designer. | yellowtrace blog »

Design Free Thursday

If you think it's that simple, then do it yourself. Confessions of a Designer by Anneke Short, via Behance

I feel like this is the essence of why you do a pinup shoot after six kids and 11 years of marriage... to take the "ordinary" and capture it in a completely unusual way.

simpld: "You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you." The title page in an Andy Warhol calendar.

Very true

Cummings Canvas Painting – x Canton Box Co. on Scoutmob Shoppe. Hand-stamped on a cotton canvas with a wonderful testament of love.


Quote - In order to lead a fascinating life - one brimming with art, music, intrigue and romance - you must surround yourself with precisely those things.

I disagree. Sometimes you have to plot your way through to get to the other side where passion lies. Sometimes you lose your way and forget what makes you passionate. Basically never fully give up, take a break maybe, but..just keep moving.

PASSION is my favorite word. Nothing is more important than passion. Whatever you plan to pursue in life, whatever you do … be passionate about it.

Classic Advice Print  White

Classic Advice Print White

Good advice

Famous inspirational quote greeting card, featuring the Winston Churchill quote, "Never never never give up".


29 Ways to Stay Creative [Infographic]

29 Ways to Stay Creative Poster Work in progress. Inspired by this design poster I wanted to create my own as some of the options I felt didn’t apply to me so I changed them to apply.