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Hahaha, they are the best! <3

This is so my sister and I, people look at us like we are crazy! Which of course only makes us laugh harder! "My best friend and I are so hilarious. I feel bad for the people who don't get to listen to our conversations and enjoy the hilariousness.


Disney Love - this so is my husband and I, lol! Our favorite characters are Minnie Mickey!

Be with a man who respects his mother

He he treats his mother is a pretty good indication of how he will treat a girl. My Mom told me this when I was young.she never said anything about how his mother treated her son.

It's the small details that matter.

Pooh bear: It's nice when someone remembers small details about you, not because you always remind them, but just because they care.

Real friends are those who support you. They don't compete, they help you and are generous. If you are a real friend, you will also return these gifts. Time to do some house cleaning!

REAL friends are part of the make-up of life.I'm very thankful for the great REAL friends I have in my life!

I luv Mickey :)

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The Incredibles

"I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now." Edna ~ The Incredibles

C. S. Lewis

Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained - CS Lewis