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Photographer Mike Stimpson recreated famous photos, like the iconic "Lunch Atop a Skyscraper" with Legos. It would be SO fun to recreate famous photographs using Legos as part of an art unit with the kids.

100 custom LEGO minifigs

We weren't quite sure what to call what Chris McVeigh does per se, but when you can recreate an entire scene of Thriller with a Lego Michael Jackson and Lego dancing zombies, you are pretty sure to be a favorite in our Lego art obsession.

easy lego cats - Google Search

Amazing tree tattoo by Rich Depue from Dead Presidents Lounge in Albany, NY

Foto: LEGO versie van de beroemde foto 'lunch a top a skyscraper'. Afbeelding geprint op behang.. Geplaatst door ptd op Welke.nl

Picture: LEGO versie van de beroemde foto 'lunch a top a skyscraper'

parodia bluebird at bonneville

parodia bluebird at bonneville

Centro de reclutas.

Trooper o Matic

"the empire state building took only 410 days to build, by 3 400 workers, many desperate for work at the height of the Depression, most of them immigrants and mohawk indian iron workers"

Lewis Hine, Empire State Building, worker signaling on high beam

Artist Mike Stimpson has paid homage to famous photos be recreating them using LEGO building blocks. The result is simple, playful and equally as memorable. Some of the photos include V-J Day Time Square where the infamous kiss took place; the historic moment of Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima and the Moon Landing.

I have a print of the Lego picture, I need to get the original version and hang them side by side


Lego version of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” (Marco Pece)

Philippe Halsman's 1948 photographic collaboration with Salvador Dalí entitled "Dalí Atomicus"

A Lego recreation of Philippe Halsman’s 1948 photographic collaboration with Salvador Dalí entitled “Dalí Atomicus”. Original here. Setup shot here. “Dali Atomicus (via Balakov)”

'Dark Knight Rises' trailer LEGO style! AWESOME!

WATCH: 'Dark Knight Rises' Redone With LEGO

The Dark Night Rises Lego version

Lego the last supper

Didn't look at the other images, so hopeful I didn't link to something offensive. Just looking for Lego Jesus ideas for our Easter tombs we made . Liked the Lego Last Supper.

samsofy Lego

French photographer Sofiane Samlal, better known as ‘Samsofy’, shows us that everything is indeed awesome when imagination takes over and brings inanimate plastic characters to life.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

15-Year-Old Lego Genius Imagines Movie Scenes in Brick Form [VIDEO]

Brick Flicks: Famous Film Scenes Recreated in

You got the world at ur fingertips  the lego world at least

Crazy-Awesome LEGO Creations That Belong in Museums

This guy (Nathan Sawaya) has a great website (and gallery) or his Lego Sculptures - City build on a hand Lego Sculpture Lego Art Sculpture -

LEGO Last supper

Leonardo Da Vinci-Last Supper-Lego version