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Halo: escalation #11

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Halo Escalation 3 ( Halo: Escalation) (Paperback)

Halo: escalation #8

The Master Chief returns in “The Next 72 Hours: Part After defeating the Didact, joined the crew of Infinity . . . but why did he leave? The mystery begins here. Halo® lead ...

Halo: Escalation (2013) Issue #19

Dark Horse Comic Releases June Check out all of our previews for Dark Horse books being released June below. Click on the image to take a look at our preview. [gallery type=...,

Halo: escalation #14

“ The brilliant but obsessed Dr. Catherine Halsey has allied herself with fanatical Covenant commander Jul ‘Mdama… and now a deadly reckoning awaits the UNSC Infinity. The thrilling sequel to Halo

Halo: escalation #7

Artist & author of Structura I, II, and III. - Halo 5 Art Director. Credits: Halo Assassin's Creed, RAGE, Prince of Persia, AITD & about 100 book covers. photographer whenever i...