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Genepy is famous as the primary alpine herb used to create the legendary Chartreuse. Traditionally bottled on its own by a few select producers, Chez Dolin offers this classic example dating back from their 1821 recipe. Pale green and yellow in color, the nose is dominated by the concentrated, pungent, herbaceous nature of the herb, with a sweet mouth coating on the palate that transitions to a long, warming minty, candy cane, and lavender finish.

Style. Elegance. Sophistication. All the allure of modern Italy, perfectly captured in a bottle of wine. Ecco Domani wines will be at Arts In Bloom Saturday, July 21st, from 2-6 pm. Come try it for yourself!


Amaro Montenegro, named in 1896 for the future Queen of Italy, has a surprisingly rosy nose and flavors of bright orange and cedar that make it a natural for mixing with citrus juice in cocktails

Germany- Made from deliciously crisp apple juice and fine grain spirits. An all…

Byrrh's Aromatized Wines

This look delicious via Tasting Table - Byrrh is just one of the aromatized wines that has caught the cocktail world by storm.