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Genepy is famous as the primary alpine herb used to create the legendary Chartreuse.  Traditionally bottled on its own by a few select producers, Chez Dolin offers this classic example dating back from their 1821 recipe. Pale green and yellow in color, the nose is dominated by the concentrated, pungent, herbaceous nature of the herb, with a sweet mouth coating on the palate that transitions to a long, warming minty, candy cane, and lavender finish.

Genepy is famous as the primary alpine herb used to create the legendary…

2009 Nusserhof Lagrein Riserva - 750 ml - 72619-750-AI

2009 Nusserhof Lagrein Riserva - 750 ml -

Just like the bitter greens that start showing up at greenmarkets this time of year, Cynar is a delicious palate refresher.

3 Cynar Cocktails to Make at Home

Cynar is a perfect stand-in for Fernet Branca, another darling of the amari, in a Toronto cocktail. Like Fernet, the bitter, vegetal taste of Cynar is a perfect foil for the sweet rye.

Candied Kumquat and Ricotta Tart

Candied Kumquat and Ricotta Tart

Homemade Italian Limoncello Recipe

Homemade Italian Limoncello Recipe

Learn how to make Aunt Maria's secret italian limoncello recipe. She gave it to me and I wrote it on a napkin, when I traveled to Sicily on If you are looking for an easy to make and great afterdinner digestive limoncello recipe, you have come.

Frangelico is a brand of noisette (hazelnut) and herb-flavored liqueur produced in Canale, Italy. Released in the 1980s, its bottle was designed to look like a friar, complete with a knotted white cord around the waist.  Frangelico (20% ABV) is used in drinks such as the Hazelnut Martini, the Frangelico Colada, and Frangelico and Cranberry Juice. It can be combined with vodka to make the Chocolate Cake shot; it can also be served simply on ice, with soda water, or with coffee.

Frangelico is produced in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, and its origins date back more than 300 years of the presence of early Christian monks living in the hills of the area.

Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur. . .this stuff will make you stupid fast. . .

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