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Tap into what inspires your board members to get the best results. /

Know WHY each of your members volunteer - this will help you to best position them for success. /

Have a consistent and professional channel for fellow volunteers, members, and partners to reach you. /

Members want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Use the LSI Visioning Sheet to get clear about the member experience. /

Ask your members to refer a friend. It's easy to leverage a current member to gain a new one. /

Item Donated: One Year Regular Membership. Description: AAA of Southern New England is providing a One Year Regular Membership. Donated By: AAA Southern New England. Est. Value: 52.00. #BBBPTO #auction

The most effective leaders know how to delegate. Ask yourself, "Is this mine to do?" /

A non-profit status does not mean you can't make money. Leverage the status to grow your organization. /

Get to know your people! Common ground goes a long way. /

Case of the disappearing volunteer? Reach out right away and communicate the issue. /