South Africa Fashion Week this weekend.

Shown here is some of the high fashion South Africans wear on special occasions. This very clothing line that was inspired by Nelson Mandela himself after he died.

AFWL Arrican Fashion Week London 2015 #designers #fashion

AFWL Arrican Fashion Week London 2015 #designers #fashion

The South African education system was ravaged by apartheid. Today its legacy is seen in the mass of impoverished and run-down rural and townships schools that cater to the majority of African children. Opportunities for better education are limited to a number of well-resourced former white state schools. Low exam pass rates, school dropout, violence and sexual abuse in schools as well as teenage pregnancy and HIV infection are tragic consequences of the deep inequalities in school…

This picture includes 2 typical kids at school in South Africa trying to learn with the supplies they have. South Africa has very low education rates due to low resources and money.


Jacaranda trees, Pretoria ** Usually around October, the best time to be in Pretoria, South Africa. Jacaranda is native to CntAm/ S.