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We love the complete simplicity of this chair and how obviously it was cut and folded from a single sheet of metal. It is not only simple in design, but it is visually elegant and very easy on the eye.


Associant un volume géométrique simple, en liège (sphère, pyramide ou trapèze), à une fine structure en acier, la série de tables d’appoint Basil a été imaginée par Arthur Leitner pour l’éditeur Petite Friture. Différents volumes en tension et en équilibre se créent ainsi, générant des objets aux contrastes marqués (plein / vide, matière froide / chaude…).

A three-legged family called 5°by Nils Holger Moorman. Trestles, high and low stool. The family has a third leg to stand on. If this leg is in place, a narrow seat is created. The two trestles easily support a tabletop, which can be used on both sides.