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Patron saints of the modern artist

The Tate Gallery's celebrity friends are meant to encourage new art. But do they control it? Rose Aidin investigates

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Coldplay anuncia disco com participação de Beyoncé; ouça o novo single

Coldplay Konzerte 2016 zum neuen Album. Coldplay haben Details zum neuen Album und einer großen Welttournee bekannt gegeben. Demnach wird die Band um Sänge...

These are a few of my favorite things from The Sound of Music

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Ignorance and Idiocy; a match made in Hell

Oh dear, today we have yet another article in the overflowing bucket of hate levied against us. This moron doesn’t even try to explain WHY she believes that incest is wrong, she just repeated…

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A Few of My Favorite Things

FREE Cloud Guide~ From time to time, everyone watches the clouds roll by. Now you can use this quick reference to identify (and pronounce) whatever weather comes your way!

Parker picked up one of this at the store a few weeks ago and begged for it. I had to get it for him because I remembered them from my childhood. I'm so happy that some of the coolest toys that aren't reliant on batteries and lcd screens still exist.

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30 Great Things About Growing Up In 1980s Britain

80s food - Branded in the 80s, I drank at least a few of these every few weeks from middle school all the way through high school in the 90s. I'll never forget intentionally saving my leftover lunch money change for one of these with a chocolate chip cookie before lunch was over.

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End of School Year Gift Ideas - Part 1

Maggie's notes: This is supposed to be for the end of the school year for teachers, but most give Christmas gifts to teachers. It will also work for others.

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Moroccan chicken

Moroccan Chicken _ I haven’t quite made anything like this before as I was not exposed to it until last week. I have never had Moroccan chicken before. You will need quite a few spices for this dish but once you get them they will last you for ever1