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Shitzu with owner

Sudden Hearing Loss in Dogs or Cats

A new time-lapse video offers a vivid reminder why corals, sponges and other  slow  sea creatures deserve respect.

Corals, sponges erupt with action in time-lapse video

Stella Metsovas B. shares advice on home remedies for acid reflux in Mother Nature Network.

Thank a Dog

If you love the smell of puppy breath.Thank a Dog If you.thank you Pippin Maggie and Tomasa and Peppy

como não amar?

Sloths, of the families Megalonychidae and Bradypodidae and three-toed, respectively) are distant relations of anteaters, and make their homes in the (Page

Can I eat it?

Can I eat it?

Dog: What is it? Me: It's a tree. Dog: Can I eat it? Me: No. Dog: *stares blankly* Me: What? Dog: I'm gonna eat it. Me: Once your ass gets a stomach ache I'm gonna let you stay there and grovel in pain because you should have listened.

This Guy Was Driving When He Noticed Something Strange In The Road. Look At What He Found... -   Misc

Funny pictures about Why Did The Sloth Cross The Road? Oh, and cool pics about Why Did The Sloth Cross The Road? Also, Why Did The Sloth Cross The Road?