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Mojo Hand FX Custom Light Blue Swirl Colossus Fuzz Pedal

This fuzz from Mojo Hand FX dominates with authority drawing upon the most desirable characteristics of the russian era big muff and making it more versatile and tweakable. The king of fuzzes has arrived and it's name is Light Blue Swirl Colossus!

Limited Edition Mojo Hand FX Red Guard Colossus Fuzz Pedal $169.95

Get it at your favorite boutique music shop The Signal today!

Mojo Hand FX Mule Overdrive Pedal $149.95

Look no further than the Mule Overdrive from Mojo Hand FX. Pick up this awesome pedal at your favorite boutique music store The Signal today!

Mojo Hand FX Nebula IV Phaser Pedal $159.95

Get those spacey sounds from the with more control than those vintage pedals ever had. The Nebula IV Phaser from Mojo Hand FX is full of classic mojo but has a level and depth control.

Mojo Hand FX Crosstown Limited Edition Cobalt $169.95

The Crosstown Limited Edition Cobalt from Mojo Hand FX dials in creamy Hendrix tone and is the ultimate in fuzz face style circuitry.

Mojo Hand FX Clementine Compressor Pedal

The Limited Edition Clementine Compressor from Mojo Hand Fx is full of vintage vibe and deceivingly simple controls that let you dial in just the right amount of squishy good and then boost it into the stratosphere.

Mojo Hand FX Rook Overdrive Pedal

The Rook from Mojo Hand FX just may be the most versatile overdrive you have ever encountered. Get it at The Signal today!

Custom 77 King for a Day Booster – Give Away Reminder

Custom 77 King for a Day Booster - Give Away Reminder - Effects Bay

Mojo Hand FX Limited Edition 442 Analogue Filter Pedal Granny Apple

Get the sound made famous by those lads from England Radiohead! The analogue 442 from Mojo Hand FX sounds better than anything out there and is made in the USA and built to last!

Tupperware FX pedal....we have the Tupperware!

Guitarist Jake Adams performs with this effects pedal which is designed by ar.