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I've been to American Samoa once and I absolutely loved the culture there. The people were very proud of their heritage and let me know it. However, the one thing that I loved most about them was their sense of humanity. They are some of the most charitable and caring people you could ever meet.

I really like this street bench! Whenever I travel, I love seeing unique things like this that might have something to do with the local culture. I think that the things sticking out of the side of the bench looks like feathers, and so it makes me think that it might have something to do with the local indigenous culture.

I could get used to a view like this! This would be my paradise, having a big balcony, with such a green view. I'm not sure you could pull me away from here.

These are so beautiful! I love how unique they are. It's amazing how they are handmade out of little stones. I would love to have these in my home.

This is such a pretty band!I love how far down the diamonds go. It would be such a beautiful anniversary gift. I would wear something like this every day!

My son would love this shirt! He is such a huge Michael Jackson fan. He would wear something like this every day if he could!

My husband would LOVE this hoodie! He is always out four-wheeling, shooting, fishing, so the camouflage would be perfect. I know that he would wear it all the time.

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Oh, and in most Spanish speaking countries, it's seen as impolite to put your hands in your lap or under a table when talking to someone. It's best to put them on a table or use them for emphasis while talking.