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LET'S DANCE — the US Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal nationwide, and that's a reason to celebrate, obviously. We couldn't be more excited for same-sex couples and unions to be recognized in all 50 states! It's time to pop some bottles and party hard for days to come. Crank up this bumpin' playlist and MOVE, SHAKE IT, FEEL THE BEAT.

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This is cute

I'm straight but I'm adding this due to the fact that I'm a supporter of the LGBTQ community and I find it pretty cute that people would do this

Lesbian Gift Hers and Hers Pillows Lesbian by WystarWeddingShop


LoveSasha on

My girl tried to tell me this quote in a cute way. Totally failed ahaha. But she was adorable anyway.

((Lesbian rp, open. Be the girl with her arms wrapped around me)) I smile as I look down at my beautiful friend. She's so pretty and I've had a crush on her for years. I'm bi and I don't know what she is. I'm too scared to ask. We act like a couple a lot but when people ask we just pull away and awkwardly stand there and say no. She wraps her arms around my waist and looks up at me "Gabby, can I tell you something?" (credit: @gabby102602)

“A friend of mine found this old photograph in a shoe box in his Grandmother’s attic. On the back was written… Aunty Mary and her “friend” Ruth, 1910. I wonder if those quotation marks imply what I think they do, by the look on their faces, I would say they do”