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ELLI NECKLACE, http://www.cisthene.com/

ELLI NECKLACE, http://www.cisthene.com/

Rock On. Black or White silver.   Stinne Holm

Black or White silver

Julie Blyfield, brooches from the Pressed Desert Plant series 2005, sterling silver, oxidised sterling silver, enamel paint, wax, Photographer Grant Hancock

Julie Blyfield, brooches from the Pressed Desert Plant series oxidised sterling silver, enamel paint, wax- Photographer Grant Hancock

Marimekko Polttopallo Kette Bunt | Human Empire Shop

MARIMEKKO Polttopallo Kette Bunt Love Marimekko patterns and the colours in this necklace.

Crystal Brooches, sterling silver, spray paint, from Fabricated Memory: Jewelry Box, 1980, 2011, Images by Hank Drew

Amy Tavern Brooches, Crystal Brooches, 2011 From the collection Fabricated Memory: Jewelry Box, 1980 Sterling silver, spray paint

Giha Woo - “Constrained Ball” - a pen attachment that can help you draw straight lines.

Inspiration for Creatives

I don't draw many straight lines but when I do I want to use this. Rulers are so Century. Constrained ball is a drawing aid. attached to the pen, this device helps to draw straight lines without using a ruler. designed by giha woo.

jibby and juna

Prickly Stem Earrings - Mioraklime Teal Bird and Ivy - ManglePrints. Eucalyptus Bud Ring - RebeccaDeans (Did I mention the.

Colorful and patternful installation

Window display idea- Instead of one piece of fabric as a doorway divider or curtain, use multiple lengths & shapes to create a multi layered collage!