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HOW TO USE A LANDING PAGE ON YOUR WEBSITE | August + White When I built my website, I needed a landing page (i.e. information page) where my clients could go quickly go to find information on my wedding and branding services. Formally, a landing page is a web page specifically designed for a single focused objective, often times for advertising purposes. However, I use it more as an information board for my clients to get as much detail as possible on one page.

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Designing in Squarespace - Using Pages

Designing in Squarespace Tutorials | August + White | Squarespace Website Design Tips and Tricks | Squarespace Help | Squarespace Class

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30 Wedding Hairstyles - Romantic Bridal Updos

Wedding Hairstyles And#8211; Romantic Bridal Updos ❤ See more: #weddings

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8 Reasons Why Squarespace is the Best Website Platform

8 REASONS WHY SQUARESPACE IS THE BEST WEBSITE PLATFORM | August + White I have had many years of experience building websites, and the best platform by far is Squarespace. From their easy to use interface, security, and no maintenance required platform, I not only use this myself, but recommend it to my clients. Here are the primary reasons why I believe Squarespace is the best website platform.

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Organization - The Key to Staying Productive

ORGANIZATION - THE KEY TO STAYING PRODUCTIVE | August + White One of the many items I get asked about is how I stay organized working with a few hundred brides per year. Although I am naturally organized, it definitely takes some skills to keep it all together! No matter what business you are in, the key to being productive is organization, not only for you, but for your clients as well.

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Breaking up with a problem client

How do I break up with a client? How do I say - thanks for the good times, but I've had enough?

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Building Client Trust with an Online Business

BUILDING CLIENT TRUST WITH AN ONLINE BUSINESS | August + White Building client trust is the gateway to running a successful online business. It can be difficult to establish, since the potential customer cannot see or talk to you. Before I started my online wedding business, I completed about eight months of research on why certain businesses in my industry were performing well. I would go to websites of my competitors and browse just to see how they functioned;

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Managing Email - Tips for a Productive Inbox

MANAGING EMAIL - TIPS FOR A PRODUCTIVE INBOX | August + White | Ah, email....everyone uses it, and there is no getting around it with business. Email, if not managed correctly, can actually result in being unproductive. During my tenure at my last corporate job, I provided training classes on how to manage email. An average person would get anywhere from 200-400 emails per day, so creating a strategy and a user friendly system that everyone could benefit from was important for productivity.