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Whether they're offering discount travel, school supplies, clothes, or food, these stores get extra credit for their teacher discounts.

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I’ve seen and read a lot of college dorm packing lists and what all to  bring. Honestly, a lot of them are by stores and brands trying to justify  you buying everything on their list because they want you to… And hey,  they're a brand and that’s how they make money, so cool for them.  I know many college students are in the same boat as me, and so I've  compiled a college dorm packing list of everything I actually used during  my freshman year of college!

Moving into your freshman dorm is a fun, exciting and stressful experience. Cut your stress with my extensive college dorm packing list, featuring EVERYTHING I ACTUALLY used in my college freshman dorm! Click through to read!

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Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." -- Goethe "Security is mostly a superstition.

35 Stores With Student Discounts | Her Campus

35 Stores With Student Discounts

35 Stores With Student Discounts | Her Campus

Essay Writing: Mastering the Essay Outline... by The Daring English Teacher | Teachers Pay Teachers

Essay Writing: Mastering the Essay Outline with Guided Instructions

Help your students improve their writing today with this guided essay outline. This essay outline includes built-in differentiation and scaffolding to help