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Nick Fury Has Some Motherf*cking Memos For The Motherf*cking Avengers

Last time we had drunk science tony tryed to make a tiny suit for me witch to be honest I was pretty excited about untill I got stuck... again

Dan and phil. If they ever stop talking to each other when they are older, like they got in a huge fight years back, I'm going to be so freaking mad. I will literally kidnap them and lock them a closet playing all their videos together on a tv screen. The room would be filled with Pokemon, pics of Simon, fan fiction, and of course, LIONS AND LLAMAS.

This is a testament to how strong Tony's mirrors are but also how much force she can propel herself with.

The Continuing Adventures of the Tenth Doctor, by Allison Higgins (me). It's all about 10 and Elsa. :)

YESSSSSSSSSS HAHAHAHA!!! I HATE it when people write fan fiction where the characters are NOT in character at ALL!>>Or when the fan fiction isn't finished Dx

one of my favorite things i"ve EVER come across. and the fact that i should use snivelling in creative swears from now on...

Prompt -- posters were taped to everything along the street, and it was only after the third one that I actually noticed who was on them

But let's be real, after Sam learned about Destiel in Fan Fiction he's the biggest shipper out there.