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Melanie shared her debt repayment journey, which is as unique as she is. In total, she racked up $81,000 in debt and is now down to $35,000. She has paid all of this off while earning very meager incomes and at one point, she was even making so little that she qualified for food stamps.

For those who are not already is debt trouble and have excellent credit scores, credit card churning is a great way to travel and accomplish other life goals for essentially no costs to you. In my mind, Holly is a master of credit card churning and if this is something you are thinking about doing, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

What I Learned from our No-Spend Month

Last month my family participated in a No-Spend Month (which meant we spent as little money as possible). Find out what I learned from the month, including one big lesson.

How To Overcome a Budgeting Failure

Feeling like budget failure this month? Stop beating yourself up and get back on track, here's what to do. - If you've had a budget failure, don't give up!

Enjoying Life While Dumping Debt

Enjoying Life While Dumping Debt. Toni did it and she has great advice to help you too

21 Simple Steps to Fix a Bad Credit Score Fast

21 steps to fix your #credit score in less than six months. Seeing real improvement isn't quick but use these steps and you'll have a higher credit score by Christmas!

26-Week / Extra $1,000 by Christmas Savings Plan

26-Week / Extra $1,000 by Christmas Savings Plan - Start with $26, End with $1,000 to Buy Christmas Gifts! -

21 Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

Need to make some extra money, but want to do it from home? Here are 21 ways to make some extra cash that you can do from home! Money Making Ideas #Money Money Making Ideas, Making Money, #MakingMoney