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A mallard duck loses his balance on the ice and is sent sliding across the surface of a frozen pond in Dortmund, Germany Picture: UDO SCHLOTTMANN / CATERS NEWS

Inspiring for me because this is where I grew up - before the Clean Air Act. Stoke Street Scene by Kurt Hutton. A woman walking up a street in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, with smoking bottle kilns belonging to potteries visible in the background, 2nd March 1946.

from the Guardian

60 years since the great smog of London - in pictures

This picture was taken at sunset from the top of Westminster Cathedral in 1953. London faced another killer smog in 1953 after 48 hours of fog trapped the smoke belching from millions of London's chimney pots

Celtic farmstead in North Wales, dating to the 3rd century AD. The family is preparing for the winter: you can see smoke rising from chimney holes as women cure meat, men carrying pigs that will be fattened for slaughter, a man winnowing wheat and barley (throwing it up into the air to get rid of the chaff, the part you can't eat), a small hut to store logs for winter fires, and men fixing a barn for storing hay for the cattle.

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