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7 Dishes You Must Try in Hong Kong - Photos

This staple of Cantonese cuisine is also the hallmark of a dim sum brunch. Typically stuffed with ground pork (though there are other incarnations, including a ground shrimp version), this open-faced dumpling is frequently garnished with crab roe and offers the perfect opportunity to practice your chopstick technique.

Crab soup Dumplings (Dim Sum)

Nan Xiang Dumpling House

Watch as cooks hand-make pork, crab and vegetable dumplings served piping hot from the frypan or inside a steaming basket. More daring dim sum options include c

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant 皇朝海鮮酒家

Alaskan King Crab with scrambled egg and tomalley sauce, handmade pan fried pork and vegetable dumplings, and Chinese vegetables by Chef Sam Leung at Dynasty. Typically dumplings are served during dim sum, but these were a special request. It's not necessarily Chef Leung's specialty, but he whipped them up with little notice from scratch! #Vancouver #KingCrab #AlaskanKingCrab #FMFDynastySeafood #chefstasting #seafood #ChineseFood #ModernChinese

Pig shaped Steamed Sweet Sesame Bun. Blog also has pictures of rabbit, ladybug, penguin, and crab dumplings.