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DOGcap are gelatin capsules coated in dog-friendly beef flavoring, making giving your dog medicine no longer a frustration chore.  These capsules mask the odor of any type of medicine that they are filled with. Dogs love the chicken and beef flavor options of DOGcaps

DogCaps Empty Gelatin Capsules, Size Chicken Flavored (Bag of

Homemade pill pockets for dogs

This is SO helpful to those of us with dogs that take pills! Dog DIY: How to Make Homemade Pill Pockets for Pets [makes it easier to give your dog pills]

We need this.  You use it to wash your dog's paws between baths.  $28.95.

The Paw Wash - brushless dog paw wash to clean off those dirty paws.Available for small dog s and big dogs!


Godzilla Cat Posts

Skyscraper Scratching Post - I could see myself falling in love all over again with my kitty if I saw her using the Skyscraper Scratching Post. This scratching post is designed.

Pupsicles Use chicken or beef broth to freeze Milk Bones in Then if you want when - side is hardened you can place it upside down in another unfrozen tray Then you'll have frozen yummy cubes on each side of the milk bone After freezing store in Baggie in freezer & give to Roxie in hot Texas days!

Frozen dog treats "Pupsicles" What you Need: -Ice cube tray or trays -Milk Bones -Broth (low sodium PLEASE!


10 ideas para reciclar viejas maletas y decorar la casa

home made vintage suitcase dog bed- with a pocket for his toys. however, i need a few REALLY BIG suitcases for my dogs lol

Pet ID's - check her blog she sews so cute stuff for her puppy and explains how to do it.

Pet ID's - she sews cute stuff for her puppy and explains how to do it.

Your four-legged family members can benefit from #allnatural #holistic care as much as you can: 21 Natural Remedies for Pets #MeganPick

21 natural home remedies for pets

Your four-legged family members can benefit from allnatural holistic care as much as you can. 21 Natural Remedies for Pets.