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Simon Norfolk

Simon Norfolk Victory arch built by the Northern Alliance at the entrance to a local commander’s headquarters in Bamiyan. The empty niche housed the smaller of the two Buddhas, destroyed by the Taliban in 2001 2001 from the series Afghanistan: Chronotopia

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Destroyed military and cicillian radio installations on Kohe Asmai (known as ‘Radio TV Mountain) in central Kabul. Looking towards the west of Kabul.



Simon Norfolk in Afghanistan

Ten years after his first major body of work from Afghanistan, Simon Norfolk is guided by the work of a photographer to reflect on the cycle of empires.

Barbican exhibition focuses on architecture and photography.

simon norfolk - a security guards booth at the newly restored ikhtiaruddin citadel, herat. (from "burke + norfolk: photographs from the war in afghanistan")

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“King Amanullah’s Victory Arch built to celebrate the 1919 winning of Independence from the British.” From Afghanistan: Chronotopia.

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War/Photography: An Interview with Simon Norfolk

feature: Afghanistan Chronotopia // Simon Norfolk -

Acclaimed photographer Simon Norfolk is exploring the idea of “battlefields” and how that term has expanded in meaning in recent wars

Simon Norfolk, Afghanistan

Simon Norfolk - A government building close to the former Presidential Palace at Darulaman, Afghanistan.


Prices and auction sale details for the granizal district of medellin, columbia , first populated by refugees (idps), Photography by artist Simon NORFOLK

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Simon Norfolk, Lonospheric Scintillation, 2012