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Ky Anderson Layered Clover, 2010 Oil & acrylic on paper 30 X 22 inches

Acrylic, enamel and carving on birch panel 6 x 6 inches Barbara Gilhooly

All the Lonely People by Laurie Dorrell A painting on canvas.She used lots of layering with acrylics, stamps, and collage. Little apartment windows with people like figures are in the center.

abuntantattraction II Barbara Gilhooly Abundant Attraction II 30" x 40" acrylic, ink, carving on birch

reinventing the wheel-gilhooly-lo Barbara Gilhooly Reinventing the Wheel 24" x 24" acrylic, ink on birch

from Etsy

Sanpo-Mixed media Acrylic abstract drawing -Post card size

sanpoMixed media Acrylic abstract drawing Post card by miwhahan, ¥2500

Bay Point, 2009, Acrylic, marker, pencil, pen on board, 11.5"x8.75", Grant Haffner.