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What's hardest for a woman isn't losing him. It's forgiving her self for falling in love w/ his potential, knowing damn well she saw the warning signs & his inconsistency.

They're a mixture of green and blue and when you talk about a passion or the light hits it just right they become the brightest shade of green. Your eyes are my favorite color and I don't know how I will forget them. SL

“Growing with somebody is one thing, but being forced to change against your will or best interests to fit someone's ideal or satisfy their desires is…”

Got 7 || Yugyeom // He knows damn well the chaos he is causing with that sly little wink! My poor Noona heart can't take much more!!

I've been thinking about changes and who I was this time last year. I know I was a lot more afraid, and I know I am not the same person anymore. This time last year I was waiting on a call that I knew was never going to come. Now, I am making the call. I do not know exactly when I changed, or how, but I know at some point, between cutting my strings, escaping my cage, and building my wings, I set myself free. - Word Porn

You know what your problem is ?You get attached fast.And once you're attached to someone,you do everything you can to please them and make them happy.It's never been about what you want,it's always everyone's needs before your own.You give out too many chances to people, who quite frankly,do not deserve them.They take advantage of you,and you become a pushover.But you're okay with that,because they're in your life and that's all you ever wanted.And even if they screw you over,you'll still be…

Grey's Anatomy 30 Day Challenge Day 19 Scene that makes me cry Meredith begging for the shooter to kill her rather than Derek. @Kay Richards Richards-Kay Albert