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'Star Wars' fandom is in love with Jessika Pava, the female X-wing pilot from 'The Force Awakens'

owl or dee. nerdy lesbian. she/her. infp. that korrasami obsessed bird. lok, atla, su, and other gay things. this is a korra, asami, and the love they share appreciation blog♥ • my art...

"Seen a lot of injuries, then?... Violent deaths?" "Yes." "Bit of trouble, too, I bet." "Of course, yes. Enough for a lifetime... far too much." "Want to see some more?"

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Which Once Upon A Time Character Are You?

Truth, it was a very important scene but it gets lost with all the awesomeness that is this show

Awesome, did you guys also know that he has an uncle who played Wedge Antilles the fighter pilot in the original trilogy? << who doesn't know??? That's how the Obi-bros became SW fans, they went to see the movie their uncle was in and got hooked