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Gorgeous Ferrari Concept 08

Ferrari Concept 2008 Design by Luca Serafini - Front And Side 2 - - Wallpaper

Ferrari P33

2017 Maserati Possibly Based on LaFerrari Aliante Spyder Header 2017 Maserati ? LaFerrari Aliante Spyder by IED Torino Shows .

Ferrari Vivente Rossa Concept by Hongik University

Ferrari Top Design School Challenge: the finalists - Image Gallery

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Ferrari // I need to stop looking at this main page, so many fucking beautiful cars.

Meet the 2025 Ferrari Eternita Concept! Ferrari challenged 50 design schools to create a design of a 3rd millennium hypercar that reflects social changes and tech innovations but keeping the performance and appearance!  A designer Ahn Dre came up with a concept called Eternita that has two modes: electric and gasoline. It has carbon...

Ferrari Eternità 2025 by Ahn Dre - Hypercars - Le sommet de l'automobile.

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Zoubin Concept. The designer also mentions the power under the hood here: a V6 with 400 horsepower, mounted behind the cockpit. Yes, it’s a low power supercar, but it’s the design that’s cutting edge here. Notice the new canopy here on this Ferrari concept, with two separate sections and the back panel, that feels like a spaceship of sorts. Not sure about the glass opening for the pilot’s seat and how comfy that is to open…

Ferrari Zobin concept car from the desk of creative Iranian designer and mechanical engineer Siamak Ruhi Dehkordi. Front the front, the aerodynamic, single seater racing car resembles a fighter jet