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There is an unbreakable bond between these two furry buddies. A grey kitty and his German Shepherd friend found each other and have had each other since then. They snuggle, cuddle and nap together as if they are true brothers. Love has no boundaries.

猫と同居するのに向いてる犬種7選 - ネタりか

猫と同居するのに向いてる犬種7選 - ネタりか

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Cinnamon von Essen is available for adoption at Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles

German Shepherd - Strong And Loyal

A toddler and his puppy continue napping together. Oh my stars I fell right in love with this little boy!!!!!!!! He is beyond adorable.

A toddler and his puppy continue napping together

A mother photographs her son and his puppy taking a nap everyday. I would love to see more pictures of this precious boy and his dog as they grow together. These pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. XO: Baby And Dog, Mother Photographs, Pu

Minik: An inspiration to us all

Minik the Wonder Cat. LOVE special needs kitties! I love that kitties with no eyes act just like any other!



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Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog kissing a cat. "I Have Kisses for you Even when you are Crabby".