Lunar eclipse | Pictures of the week: From kangaroos sunbathing in China to the total eclipse in America - Yahoo News UK

‘Ring of Fire’ eclipse delights millions across western U.S., Asia - The Washington Post

SOlar eclipse, May 20,2012. This picture is so awesome it made me cry. I'm in awe with such magnificence.

European astronomers say that just outside our solar system they’ve found a planet that’s the closest you can get to Earth in location and size. (via AP; artist's impression via European Southern Observatory)

The northern lights or aurora borealis fill the western sky Friday above the Russian Orthodox Saint Nicholas Memorial Chapel in Kenai, Alaska. The display of lights came in the aftermath of a solar storm that struck Earth on Thursday. (AP Photo/Peninsula Clarion, M. Scott Moon) Photo: AP / SL

March 07, 2012 — WASHINGTON (AP) — The largest solar storm in five years is racing toward Earth, threatening to unleash a torrent of charged particles that could disrupt power grids, GPS and airplane flights. The sun erupted Tuesday evening, and the effects should start smacking Earth between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EST Thursday (0600 GMT and 1000 GMT), according to forecasters at the U.S. government's Space Weather Prediction Center.

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